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Option to auto email receipt to parents/students on submit of a receipt

When submitting preferences an email is sent to the student and/or the parent/guardian with a record of the receipt, using the same details contained in the printed receipt. This would be controlled on the Student Group details page.

2 new email fields on the Student Group details page: "Parent/Guardian 1 email address" and "Parent/Guardian 2 email address"

Rename current email field, to be "Student Email"

2 new checkboxes on the Student Group details page:
- Automatically email Parent/Guardian receipts of submitted preferences
- Automatically email Student receipts of submitted preferences

Add parent fields to the xls import/export template.

* note: parent email fields are not in The Timetabler software.

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I have added 2 additional fields inside the Timetabler Software with 2 Parent emails. Quick export.

Could add a button within the Print Receipts section for students to email instead of Print.

I have already add 2 additional fields within Timetabler Software with 2 parent email per students. Simple Export.

Previous subject online software i have used has the option to Email the Preference Receipt instead of Print.

Once selected the student had to select which email to use, their own or their parents.

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