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Subject Rules page and enhancements to the rules

Main menu to have a new button called Subject Rules, located before the Reports button.

See attachment for suggested screen layout.

The subject rules page would have 4 tabs, 1 for each type of rule. Prerequisites, Corequisites, Restrictions, Mandatory Selection (new rule). Making rules very visible and easy to create/edit/delete. Layout very similar to the scheduled tasks page.

New Rule:
"Mandatory Selection of a Subject"
Designed for schools that allow students to complete a subject in either year 1 or year 2. If a student does not have subject X as a completed subject then they receive subject Y.

Enhancements to rules:
Corequisites & Restrictions to allow multiple subjects, editable info messages that are displayed per rule on the validation page in the student portal, rules can be selected to be bi-directional when the rule is one to one.

Corequisite example: If a student selects subject X, they also receive subjects Y and Z.

Restriction example: If a student selects subject x, they cannot select subjects Y and Z.

Bi directional rule example: manager creates a corequisite, select subject X and also receive subject Y. If the student selects subject Y, they also receive subject X. The manager doesn't need to create 2 rules - just tick a checkbox indicating the rule is bi-directional. Works the same for Restriction rules.

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