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Cap selection of a subject

 Ability to set a limit on how many students can select a subject with an option of a waiting list.

Subject Details page - see attachment for proposed layout.

Ability to set a Cap Selection Value and what should happen when the cap is reached.

Manager to select 1 of 3 options from a drop down:
- Unlimited (default)
- Once limit is reached, additional selections are assigned the [subject name] - wait list
- Once limit is reached, subject is no longer available for selection.

Manager sets the Cap Selection Value: 0 (default) - 999

Manager can elect to have the Cap Selection Value appended to the subject name:
eg Biology (20 max) which would be displayed everywhere in the manager & student portal.

**** when using the option of additional selections are assigned the "[subject name] - wait list" this will need to be a subject added to the Student Options file.

We require a second subject to be created for the purposes of displaying this data in Student Options (doesn't need to be a subject in WPM, but listed in Reports and export to xlsx). Timetablers will want to see who and how many are in the wait list while constructing the grid in Student Options.

- students may select the subject + submit and then change their mind, resulting in a fluctuating wait list, great if the allocation could be done on export based on order of date/time etc. A student selecting the subject would not know whether they will be wait listed or not, the subject name - wait list would only appear in Student Options, xlsx, and the Student Preferences By Subject report.

**** when using the option of the subject no longer being available for selection: students that select + submit and then change their mind and resubmit without that subject will result in fluctuating availability, meaning it would be possible for the subject to be available one day, not the next and back again etc. Not sure if there is a potential issue with 2 students selecting the final place and making it to the validation page...or whether the validation page would catch this issue.

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Cap can be applied by preference group to cater for those that select from set lines eg Graphics is available in Pref Group 1 and Pref Group 2 both have a cap of 20.  Once Pref Group 1 has reached the cap students will only have Graphics in Pref Group 2 to select until it reaches the cap of 20.