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Students to be able to enter free form text, data to appear on receipt and new report

Students to be able to enter free form text in the student portal.

Suggest Preference Group Detail page has an additional tab called "Text Entry Fields".

Allows the manager to enter multiple questions that will be displayed in a preference group with a rich text entry field with a maximum of 1,000 characters.

Manager to have the option of setting the question as mandatory to respond.

Possible for a preference group to have a mixture of questions and preference boxes and to reorder them.

Text entries would appear on the student receipt and in a Report called "Free Text Responses By Student". The report would include all items of the preference group eg if a pref group had 3 pref boxes, 2 reserve boxes and 2 text entry questions, the report would display all the entries made by the student for that preference group. If a student didn't select a reserve, it would only show the label "Reserve 2:"

The report to be ordered 1 student per page, in the event of the data spilling across multiple pages, the next student should commence at the top of the next page - rather than starting on a page with another student's data above it.

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Plain text for initial release, gather feedback if rich text is required.