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Add parents email addresses as CC or BCC to Mass Email template

 2 new email fields on the Students page: "Parent/Guardian 1 email address" and "Parent/Guardian 2 email address"

Rename current email field, to be "Student Email"

Add parent fields to the xls import/export template.

Add parent fields as CC or BCC to the Mass Email template

* note: parent email fields are not in The Timetabler software.

When the Student Access Guide is mass emailed to students, a copy is also sent to parents/guardians

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Need to cater for more than 2 email addresses, need to implement unlimited separated by ; for each address.

Recommend we "gather feedback" before implementing.


I am strongly in favour of this idea.

This would be for both the initial link AND for the parent confirmation sending.

This really is the missing piece of this puzzle.

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