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Daily Organiser, Bulletin to Microsoft Word & Adobe PDF - restore previous format

On the 1st of October 2022, we released a major change to our infrastructure to improve performance. (Release 1.7)

Part of this change involved moving all of our reports to a common platform which resulted in formatting restrictions that are most noticed on the Daily Organiser, Bulletin;

Microsoft Word: all tables are set to autofit to the page rather than to the contents of the table

Adobe PDF: the contents are no longer editable

At this point in time, altering the format is not something we can change immediately, but it is being considered and posted here to gauge interest

Prefer the "old" formating as it takes less time to edit before delivery to staff.

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Please change back to the old formatting so that staff can easily search for their names and also we can "cut and paste" room changes into our daily notices program.

Alternately please change to default send the word version rather than the PDF.

Many of our colleges are struggling with the new format to PDFs. Staff are unable to search for their name in the PDF and so are having to scroll through the entire document to identify if they have a supervision. This is both time consuming and staff can easily miss their name. Searching makes this process easier, quicker and mostly fool proof.

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I would prefer that we have the ability to set the bulletin how we would like it to appear, instead of having to print to word and then format to our liking every day. The table set out, when printing to word works fine for me, it's the headings that I would like to be able to permanently change.

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