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Voting Manager | Preferential Voting - ability to nominate depth of winners

Currently the report displays the top two winners.  Would like the ability to nominate depth of winners, ie display top 3 or alternatively provide a another report that provides greater visibility to the results.

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Agree - would like to keep the reports where you can see all stages of vote allocation from round 1 until the final result is known.

I am at a co-ed school.  I would like the ability to identify gender tally's and an overall tally in the votes ie a male student receives 34 votes, currently this is single tally of 34.  I would like the tally to be shown as 12 (F), 22 (M), 34 (Total).

This would provide a richer analysis of vote distribution in a co-ed school.  As gender fields are already identified in the imported data I would not imagine it would be difficult to add this ability into the vote counting matrix.

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