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Create 'OR' criteria for Corequisite and Restriction rules

At present if multiple subjects are added as corequisites or restrictions eg when select subject 1 you must also select subject 2 and 3 the system will force subject 2 and 3 to be selected with subject 1. If could set 'OR' criteria either Subject 2 or 3 could be selected with subject 1.

The same would apply for a restriction if selecting subject 1 subject 2 OR 3 cannot be studied so either 2 or 3 would have to be removed.

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Yes I like the idea of adding an OR in the corequisite rule.  I would like to restrict our year 11 students who pick Specialist maths units 1&2 to either those who have chosen Maths Methods 1&2 OR Maths Methods units 3&4 (access students). 

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