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Subject Suitability - users to create coloured text indicators on subject suitability per student

Subject Details page, additional tab called Subject Suitability.

Allows users to select student/s and place them into 1 of 3 categories for that subject, eg Recommended, May not be suitable, Unlikely to be suitable. These categories are subject specific and would display in front of the subject name for each student on the Selection page and the View Subject Details Report in the Student Portal.

The categories have default text (Recommended, May not be suitable, Unlikely to be suitable), but can be edited by the user (50 character limit). The font color can also be changed or highlighted.

The categories would display on the student receipt and on reports that display student & subjects.

See attachment for proposed layout.

*** This function could cause long delays on loading the student portal, particularly if users create different categories for each subject. Possible work around is we don't allow editing of the categories. If this would still cause issues, another alternative is that the information be available as a report to download by the student, perhaps from their emailed Access Guide etc.

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