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Study Streams - ability to create Secondary Study Streams (additional layer)

Ability to create streams within streams.

Manager creates Study Streams and then can select which streams are available as a Secondary Study Stream to that stream.

This allows some streams to only be visible after selecting a particular stream.

*** if a user creates a Study Stream and assigns a preference group to it, but then adds a Secondary Study Stream to that Study Stream, the student will not have access to the selection page of that study stream - they only have access to select the Secondary Study Stream/s. Same would apply to any instructions or min/max values of a Study Stream.

When a Secondary Study Stream has been added to a Study Stream, on the Study Stream page only add the name in brackets to the Study Stream eg Test 1 (Year 11 IB, Year 11 SAC, Year 11 VCE, Year QAC). This will allow the user to see which Study Streams have which Secondary Study Streams.

Please view attachments for proposed layout.

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