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Ability for schools to upload Header

 Enables schools to brand/customise the look and feel as much as possible.

From the Student Groups Home Page, please add a link called "Upload Header". The new header would fully replace all items currently in the header, including the school logo (if uploaded).

We will need the following:

1. An option to "Reset Header" back to the original (perhaps on the upload dialog a button called "Reset Header" is available, if possible please also do for the school logo - some schools may only want to customise the logo etc)

2. Label defining the L x W measurements and file type

3. The areas either side of the header that may be exposed on larger screen resolutions to be white

4. The current header titles and labels to be displayed underneath the header

5. Add an Upload School Logo to the Mass Email page, this would be used when a school has uploaded a header and allows them to use a logo for the mass email.

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