Timetabling Solutions V10 will be made available to schools from May 2022.

Clients who attend training with a current Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) will have first access to V10 at the end of the course. 

This allows us to make V10 available to all clients with a current SMA via a managed rollout after the initial face to face training courses.

The activation of Timetabling Solutions V10 is different from previous versions

To access our desktop and online software users will need to be added to the Administration Console and assigned roles on the [1] Manager Users screen by the Global Administrator

  • Global Administrator sign in to https://timetabling.education and open the Administration Console (if you do not have an account please register here)

  • Go to [1] Manage Users

  • Select a user then from the top menu click 'Roles' and assign the role 'Timetabler' to users that will operate V10

    The user will now be able to Sign-in to operate V10, using the same login details they use for signing in to https://timetabling.education

  • For users that have never signed in to https://timetabling.education you need to complete the following step;

    From the top menu click 'Activations'. This will send an email to the user to create a password. The user will now be able to Sign-in to operate V10

    - V10 supports Single Sign-On and Two Factor Authentication

    - The password settings you create in the Admin Console apply to V10

    - If the user forgets their password, it can be reset via the Sign-in page in V10 and on https://timetabling.education


1.  Signing in to V10 desktop application requires an internet connection  

2.  A user account with the role 'Timetabler' is required to operate

3. With no user signed in, V10 can open and view data files, print and export. Changes to data will not be saved

4.  Your school has unlimited installations for

5.  You can install
V10 on a Windows (10 & 11) machine that has V9 as they operate independently of each other. Convert V9 data to V10 format from the File menu of V10

6. V10 includes the desktop modules Student Options and Timetable Development

7. Daily Organiser is a multi-user cloud app hosted by Timetabling Solutions using Microsoft Azure, located in Australia, South East Data Centre. Access to Daily Organiser is included with your current subscription

8. Assign users the role 'Daily Organiser' to access this app using the same credentials they use for the V10 desktop application

9. V10 can publish timetables to the V9 Daily Organiser desktop application

10. General Access and TimetableFind are retired. You may continue to use them, however, no bug fixes will be supplied. V10 continues to produce the files used by General Access and TimetableFind

11. These changes do not impact Timetabling Solutions V9

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