Desktop Modules:
Student Options & Timetable Development
(Daily Organiser is now available as a web app, no longer available as a desktop module)

File extensions:
sfx & tfx (JSON)
Convert Version 9 files to Version 10 format from the file menu of Version 10 - this will create a copy of thesof9 & tdf9 files and will not harm them in anyway.  Save to V9 Format is available form the file menu of Version 10 

Web Apps (available on subscription user account limits apply):
- Daily Organiser (available to clients with a current Software Maintenance Agreement)
- Daily Reports (Read only access to the Master timetable and ALL individual teacher, room and student timetables, student lists, student activities and school bulletins. Also shows Free Teachers, Rooms, Students and Teacher Totals)
- Staff/Student Access Portals (Read only access to your personal timetable, activities and changes)
- Staffing (Tools that allow users to create staffing loads. Used prior to constructing a timetable to check that staffing levels are appropriate to cover the classes offered.)

System Requirements: 
Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office 2016, O365
4 Gigabytes (GB) of RAM, we recommend 8 (GB)
Minimum screen resolution of 1280 x 1024, we recommend wide screens with 1920 x 1080

* Note: My Documents folder will need to be located on the local machine for installation.

Limited Support - Available for download but no longer supported
General Access and TimetableFind will be available for download for a period of 12 months after the release of Version 10.  The web apps Daily reports, Staff/Student Portals provide equivalent functionality  


Releasing new versions is best done when we can deliver face to face training.  This allows us to closely monitor user adoption and quickly action any software issues/bugs. 

At present, due to Timetabling Solutions supporting clients around Australia in-person services are currently on hold and is likely to remain this way for 2021.  The risk of our people travelling or having clients from many different locations coming together for extended lengths of time creates an unacceptable risk.

Timetabling Solutions will be working remotely until borders are permanently opened and vaccines are widely adopted the Version 10 release will undertake a slower than normal schedule.

Version 10 will be made available to selected clients that Timetabling Solutions constructs timetables with in the second half of 2021 with a possibility of a general release in March 2022.

The adjusted schedule has allowed some work to be extended, please view an updated Version 10 changes/enhancements list here:

Outstanding Work Items:

Activation/proxy Aware - In Progress, expect to be in testing June, final testing July, required completion date August 2021
Training Manuals - In Progress, required completion date March 2022
Third Party Exports - In Progress in final testing, expect to be in final testing June, required completion date August 2021 

Issue Tracking (May 2021):  21 New, 18 In Progress, 3 Final Review