ClassCover is a hosted application that connects casual teachers with schools. Timetabling Solutions and ClassCover have agreed to allow its users to open the app inside an iFrame on our Version 9 desktop Daily Organiser Emergency Teacher Availability Page that allow our clients that use ClassCover to send the request without leaving the Emergency Teacher Availability Page.

* requires user to have a current subscription with ClassCover, ALL connection details are obtained from Class

1. Enter Teachers Absent Full time staff members are made absent by the DO (they call in, email in, or the DO has advance notice).

2. Gauge Teacher Requirements The user then “Gauges Teacher Requirements” which tells them whether they need to employ a casual/ ET or if they can cover any absences using existing staff for that day.

3. Enter Emergency Teacher Availability If the Gauge Teacher Requirements page tells them they need an ET, they:

Currently without ClassCover: Check the Emergency Teacher Availability via means of the DO contacting known emergency teachers to confirm their availability for work for the day in question. Once confirmed they then tick the teacher as being available for work for that day/periods.

Opportunities when using ClassCover: DO would enter relevant details about the bookings (whether it is a single ET being requested for a specific faculty/year group) or multiple teachers for multiple years etc.

Once the request has been sent via automated SMS, the DO will then receive an SMS confirming which teacher(s) have been booked.

The DO can then tick the teacher as being available and then allocate them to the various classes etc. Here the school directly benefits from seamlessly booking their ET’s without having to make endless phone calls