The 12-month Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) ensures you have access to our timetabling experts to quickly resolve technical or installation issues with your software.  

Included with your initial purchase, the SMA is a subscription-based product that can be renewed annually and entitles you to:

  • Direct access to expert technical support covering installation, error reporting and bug fixes
  • Software upgrades and updates
  • Unlimited installations of Timetabling Solutions Version 9
  • Access to our Timetabling Learning Resources (download PDFs of our training courses)
  • Access to Web Preferences Lite edition

Note:  'How to / Training' support requests are covered by your 5 hour block of time (first 5 hours supplied with your initial purchase, can be renewed for AUD999 + GST) .  

We believe this is a fairer system for our clients than paying a yearly fee or increasing the Software Maintenance fee when you may not necessarily use this particular service.

Timetabling Solutions will send you an invoice prior to your SMA expiry date.  

If you elect to not renew the SMA your Timetabling Solutions license reverts back to a single instance and will have access to the last issued version released prior to your expiry date.  To install and maintain additional licenses on additional machines requires a current SMA.

Renewing an expired SMA can be done at any time, please contact for a quote (typically if renewing within 3 major releases will be cheaper than purchasing new).

All prices are in Australian dollars and can be converted to your currency at the time of invoicing. Schools outside of Australia do not pay GST.