Some schools have more than one Timetable/Daily Organiser file.  

For example

  • A K-12 school has 30 minute periods in the Junior school and 50 minute periods in the Middle and Senior School. This requires separate timetable files and separate Daily Organiser files.
  • A school has two campuses with each campus having a separate timetable and Daily Organiser file
  • A school has 2 campuses with one timetable file but they operate different Daily Organiser files

In all of the above examples, there may  some cross-campus teachers who are in multiple Timetable/Daily Organiser files.

Use Daily Organiser and Staff/Student Portal

Timetable Data Store

  • Each campus/sub-school would be set up as a separate account
  • Teachers who are in more than one timetable file would be set up with multi-site access

Web Daily Organiser

  • The timetable file and Daily Organiser file would exist in separate accounts
  • The Daily Organiser can switch between files by having multi-site access

Staff Portal

  • Staff who are at one campus only would see the data for their campus
  • Staff who teach cross-campus would be able to switch between two campuses to see the data relevant to each campus.  There is no view to see the combined data.

Student Portal

  • Students see the data relevant to their campus

Use Daily Organiser Only

Timetable Data Store

  • The school is set up with one account
  • Each campus/sub-school would save their timetable data in separate Published Timetable Groups and their Daily Organiser would be linked to the relevant timetable
  • Note: The files would need to have different names

Web Daily Organiser

  • The Daily Organiser can select the relevant file from the File drop down menu