Step 1 - Download an authenticator app

Download an authenticator app to your phone (or desktop if you don't have a smartphone) from your app store.

We suggest Google Authenticator or Authy or Windows Authenticator for Windows Phones (Microsoft Store)

Step 2 - Sync the app with Timetabling Solutions

 - open the app, enter your email address and password and click login

 - Click Setup
 - Scan the barcode into your authenticator app, or enter the key manually, then click Continue. Make sure you turn on Time-based if you enter the key manually
 - Enter the six-digit code generated by your authenticator app, then click Continue
 - Click Done. You're now set up to use two-step authentication next time you log in

Step 3 - Logging in 

Next time you login you'll need to enter your email and password as per usual, then open your authenticator app and enter the password to sign in

Tip:  on the log in page, click the checkbox to remember for 30 days, meaning you will only be prompted to obtain a new code from the app every 30 days