Timetabling Solutions requires a Windows operating system to run and Microsoft Excel/Word for many of its reports. "Boot Camp" comes with every new Mac and it lets you run Windows natively — as if your Mac were a PC. If you want to run Mac OS X and Windows side by side, you can purchase Parallels Desktop for Mac or VMware Fusion. Install one of these applications, along with the Windows Installation CDs and you can run Windows program right next to your Mac applications, without having to restart. (We hear the most positive comments from clients running Parallels.)

To publish read only timetable information on Apple Macintosh machines there is TimetableFind. A native Mac OS X application that can be run on all Macintosh computers on your school network to provide daily and cycle timetables for teachers, students and rooms as well as access to the Daily Bulletin. 

This module reads up-to-date data from the Timetable Development and Daily Organiser modules. It is designed for the use of all teachers and students in your school to have access to a variety of timetabling information. No data entry required, making it very easy and straightforward to use and is available for download from our website (requires client login).