Fully hosted by Timetabling Solutions on Microsoft Azure

All three products are read-only and reads data from the Web Daily Organiser

DAILY REPORTS (under development, additional purchase required)

Used by admin, year level coordinators who need to view timetables of teachers and students

Popular reports include Master Timetable, Teacher Changes for the Day, Free Teachers Rooms & Students by period, Summary & Activity Reports

Assign the role Daily Reports View for complete access to all reports

Assign the role Daily Reports View - Restricted to provide access to the Master Timetable, all individual teacher, room and student timetables, student lists & school bulletins

STAFF & STUDENT PORTALS: (available with Timetabling Solutions Version 10)

Provides a personalised view of the timetable with the ability to view the class list.

Ability to view upcoming Absences, Lesson Cancellations and Activities that have been recorded by the Daily Organiser.