Improved Manage Load Times

We identified the load times of the Manage Users interface as a part of the system that wasn’t performing as well as we’d like, this has now been improved and should load noticeably faster.


[1] Manage Users

Improved Visibility of User Session Status Indicators

The user session indicators displayed on the home page now have easier to see colours in their status indicators for Logged In or Actively Using states.


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Active Interface Indicators

The menu now has a new indicator to let users know which interface they are currently viewing which is more visible when the menu is collapsed.



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[4] Daily Organiser
Direct Download of Published Timetables and Daily Organisers

Users can now download Published Timetables and Daily Organisers directly from their lists in the Admin Console. This can be done by selecting one or more files and selecting download from either the right-click context menu or the File Actions menu at the top of the page. The context menu can be used to quickly download a file without selecting it simply by right clicking on it.


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Improved Download File Naming

The names of downloaded files have been improved to better reflect what was downloaded and when it was downloaded. Filenames now include the location in the system the file came from i.e. PublishedTimetables, DailyOrganiser as well as a timestamp to let you know when it was downloaded e.g. a file with a timestamp of 2020-03-19T03-57-33-314Z was downloaded on 19/02/2020 at 3:57 am.



[5] Settings

Better Custom Email Server Support and Testing

We identified that under certain circumstances users weren’t able to set Office365 as a custom email server. This has been fixed and should now return a success status. The systems account testing has also been expanded to also test custom Send-From addresses so that you know it will work, addresses that fail testing will not be available for use.


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[9] Project Folder

Improved Project Folder Icons

The file and folder icons used in the Project Folder have been revised to better distinguish the different file types. Blue icons are used for Timetable files, green icons are used for Daily Organiser files and red icons are used for Student Options files.


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Support for Upload of Published Timetable Files

The project folder has been modified to allow users to upload published timetables files without have to rename their file extension.