Summary of Features

  • Hosted on Microsoft Azure, nothing for you to install or maintain.  

  • All data is encrypted using Symantec SSL certificates with DSA (Digital Signature Algorithm).  Single Sign On options include Google (Open ID Connect), SAML and Simple SSO.

  • Create Preference Groups, allows subjects to be grouped for preference selection. For example, choose at least 1 Maths subject from this group, choose at least 3 subjects from this group. (These rules can be enforced)

  • Control the minimum number of preferences that a student must enter for a group of subjects and the total number of subjects/units that a student must select overall.

  • Enter reserve (or backup) preferences for a group of subjects that allows a student to enter 4 preferences plus 2 reserves from the available subjects.

  • Restrict what subjects a student can select through the use of prerequisites and restrictions. For example, if a student does not have the required prerequisite to study Yr 11 Home Economics then the subject does not appear for selection.

  • Create rich text subject descriptions, opening messages, selection instructions and receipt instructions.

  • Generate a wide range of reports showing who has not submitted, who has submitted and how many times including what they have submitted. Reports on how many students have requested a particular subject allows the administrator to view trends in what is popular, in real time.

  • Mass email Student Access Guides (sent from or configure your own email server

  • Schedule reports, tasks and emails

Purchasing Information

AUD$1,079 for the first 12 months then AUD$1,079 p.a.

Included with purchase is:

• Unlimited users, students and student groups.

• Full access to the WPM application to build your own student portals.

• A 60 minute demonstration/tutorial. Phone and internet connection required.

Additional support is available for AUD$60 for the first fifteen minutes or part thereof, then AUD$20 per five minutes or part thereof.

All prices are in Australian dollars and are exclusive of GST