Web Preferences Lite edition is available at no additional charge while you have a current Software Maintenance Agreement.

The Lite edition can be upgraded to the Manager edition at any time, allowing you to continue working with data created with the Lite edition.


Lite Edition

Manager Edition

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Manage Account
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Create a new password  Green tick.jpg
Single Sign On (SAML, OpenID, Simple SSO)
  Green tick.jpg
Manage Users  
Create additional user accounts with restricted access
  Green tick.jpg
Submit preferences on behalf of a student  Green tick.jpg
Student Groups
Create multiple student groups Green tick.jpgGreen tick.jpg
Control the maximum number of units for the entire student group Green tick.jpgGreen tick.jpg 
Create opening and closing messages for students Green tick.jpgGreen tick.jpg
Control the number of submission opportunities for each student Green tick.jpgGreen tick.jpg 
Copy a student group for rolling over for the new year
 Green tick.jpg
Ability for the Manager to override a student's selections and ignore subject rules Green tick.jpg
Parents and students have the option to electronically sign receipts Green tick.jpg 
Data Management 
Import/Export Student Options files Green tick.jpgGreen tick.jpg 
Import/Export Microsoft Excel files Green tick.jpg 
Import completed subjects for each student Green tick.jpg 
View subject descriptions Green tick.jpgGreen tick.jpg 
View ineligible subjects Green tick.jpg 
View completed subjects Green tick.jpg
Make individual students online/offline Green tick.jpg
Edit maximum unit cutoff for individual students Green tick.jpg 
Add/edit students Green tick.jpgGreen tick.jpg 
Create Student Access Guides Green tick.jpgGreen tick.jpg
Mass email Student Access Guides Green tick.jpg 
Allow students to reorder preferences before submitting Green tick.jpg 
Restrict the selection of a subject for an individual student Green tick.jpg
Display unit values Green tick.jpgGreen tick.jpg
Display subject values Green tick.jpgGreen tick.jpg
Add a prerequisite rule Green tick.jpg 
Add a restriction rule Green tick.jpg
Add a corequisite rule Green tick.jpg
Add a subject area rule
 Green tick.jpg
Exclude reserves from corequisite and restriction rule processing Green tick.jpg
Add/edit subjects Green tick.jpgGreen tick.jpg 
Set a cap for the selection of a subject with the option of a wait list
 Green tick.jpg
Edit messages associated with subject rules in the Student Portal Green tick.jpg
Preference Groups  
Create a preference group Green tick.jpgGreen tick.jpg
Create multiple preference groups Green tick.jpg 
Edit the minimum number of preferences required Green tick.jpg 
Edit the maximum number of preferences required  Green tick.jpg Green tick.jpg 
Pre-populate a subject as a preference for all students in the student portal
 Green tick.jpg
Create study streams for different courses of study within one year level Green tick.jpg 
Create reserves within each preference group Green tick.jpg 
Prepopulate a subject in the student portal Green tick.jpg 
Reorder preferences within the preference group prior to final submission Green tick.jpg
Selection Process  
View the status of each student and their preferences Green tick.jpg Green tick.jpg 
View how many students have chosen a particular subject Green tick.jpg 
Schedule a task to make the group online/offline Green tick.jpg
Schedule a task that sends reminder emails to those yet to submit
 Green tick.jpg
Have reports emailed daily/weekly Green tick.jpg 
Allow students to enter free form text answers to questions
 Green tick.jpg 
Yes/No checkbox for text entry questions
 Green tick.jpg
Electronic student and parent/guardian signature Green tick.jpg 
Allow the Manager to override a students submission
 Green tick.jpg