Phone and email support, other than technical support, is not included in your Software Maintenance Agreement.

Timetabling support is given on a pay as you use system at the rate of $60 + GST for the first 15 minutes or part thereof, then $20 + GST per 5 minutes or part thereof. This means that you are only paying for assistance with your timetable construction when required.

We believe this is a fairer system for our clients than paying a yearly fee or increasing the Software Maintenance fee when you may not necessarily use this particular service.

A Software Support Agreement is available if you feel you may need a substantial amount of support. This is five hours of phone/email support time. The cost of the Software Support Agreement is $999 + GST which equates to the reduced rate of $50 + GST per 15 minutes.

Please contact us if you require any further information or assistance.